20 September

Marfa Open Gallery and Shop Opening at Building 98

5pm | Stephen Krupnick, Caleb Jagger, Maya Meissner, JD Garcia, Tyler Spurgin, Paul Oglesby, Pinsky

The Open Shop will run through 8 October.

Museum of Human Achievement at Tacheles Marfa

8pm | Opening performances

11pm | 15 Soft Encounters A Speed Dating Event

Complimentary drinks and love optional speed dating.

15 Soft Encounters is/isn’t really about dating. This event will provide the opportunity for mutual experience with unknown lovers/partners and follow the rough format of traditional speed dating with facilitation of activities. Love is an option, but not a requirement. Single / not-single people are equally invited.

21 September

Museum of Human Achievement at Tacheles Marfa

4 – 6pm | C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gy (sermons on the hour)

10pm – 12am | C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gy (sermons on the hour)

C0MPUT3R P$Y3NT0L0GY is a 6 part audit system to free the modern technoself from the current limits of consciousness. Participants advance through each step of the audit via virtual reality, net.art, and other time-based media stations designed and commissioned by high level C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gists. Each step will eliminate potential trouble-sources on the path to becoming a certified C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gist--the optimal virtual being.

22 September

Caleb Jagger at Blackwell School

10am - 4pm | New Portraits

Museum of Human Achievement at Tacheles Marfa

11am – 3pm | C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gy (sermons on the hour)

10pm - 1am | Ice Cream Lyman’s TV Drive-In (Dairy Queen Ice Cream and Ice Cream themed movies)

Kuniklo - Vidusexo

Video Games by Juegos Rancheros

23 September

Museum of Human Achievement at Tacheles Marfa

10am – 2pm | C0mput3r P$y3nt0l0gy (sermons on the hour, closing reception/final upload)

2pm | Lunch with MoHA

25 September

5pm | Hiro Tanaka and Maya Meissner Opening

8pm | Marfa Open Table at Building 98

27 September

JD Garcia's Well Hung at Tacheles Marfa

Marfans showing Marfans

Runs through 30 September

30 September

6pm | Maya Meissner and Hiro Tanaka Artist Talk at the Crowley Theater

Marfa Open Table reception following at Building 98

Christine Olejniczak performance

2 October

Stacy Kranitz presents As It Was Give to Me

Installation performance

Runs through 7 October